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Thread: Rebuilt British L1A1s--how marked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enbloc8 View Post
    On that front, I have what's clearly a replacement TMH (UB58 serial number on a 1966 Enfield TMH) and it has no non-standard markings at all...not even the little "4" and "7" upgrade marks on the stock tang.

    Looks like it was a brand new TMH...no evidence of a removed serial number, just a nice deep number that's polar opposite from the shallow markings that seemed common to BSA-made rifles.
    I've had a similar rifle come through my hands a few years ago, I came to the decision that the TMH might possibly have started life as as a Canadianicon Arsenals TMH, due to the total lack of any NATO stock markings.

    I believe the Canadians never marked their TMH's??

    Re the deep numbers, I recall our Peter mentioning that reissued TMH's had the original S/N number panel machined out in an oval panel, with the replacement S/N added in its place as a base workshop repair.

    I've two rifles with re-numbered TMH's done exactly this way.

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