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Thread: 1911A1 too big for EDC? A smaller answer

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    1911A1 too big for EDC? A smaller answer

    I have had a 1911 much of the time since I was first issued one as an MP in 1974. My current 1911A1 is a Rock Island that I put WW2 brown grips and an arched mainspring housing with a lanyard ring. At two and a half pounds loaded, though it is WAY too heavy for an EDC piece.

    I am a huge fan, however, of the .45 as a cartridge, and the illustrious, 110 year old 1911 platform. Most of my 20 years as an LEO (post military), I was not in a position where they allowed 1911s "cocked and locked", but I did carry them when I could. For two years I carried a Rock Island 1911A1 as a sidearm on a Homeland Security critical infrastructure protection contract in the mountains. I still have a stock Rock Island 1911A1 I use as my woods gun. and for Wild Bunch Cowboy Action Shooting.

    While the 1911A1 or even the Commander to me are too heavy and big for EDC, I found the Star PD .45 ACP a very viable answer. Basically a scaled down, simplified 1911, they are only 25 ozs with an empty magazine, have a 4" barrel, a slightly thinner slide, alloy frame, and a solid (no grip safety) frame, and 6 round magazines. Promag, however, makes a 7 round magazine that protrudes an additional 1/4". (Eight rounds of 185 grain Bonded Golden Saber should handle any social situation!) It is as easy to carry as my Smith & Wesson 6906 12+1 9mm.

    The Star PDs were really the Buzz when they came out in the mid 1970s. Jeff Cooper liked it, though he said it was a pistol "to be carried often, but seldom shot" because of the aluminum frame. The "PD" in STAR PD does not, by the way, stand for Police Department, but rather Star's homage to Interarm's Pete Dickey who pitched the idea of a cut down 1911 for the American market. Dickey felt they could capitalize on Sid Woodcock (ex-OSS/CIA) Detonics sub compact 45 that was the rage in the Military/LEO community in the 1970s.

    Anyway, I had one years ago in the 1980s/1990s as one of my LEO off-duty weapons, but sold it to someone who wanted it more than me. I have wanted to get another one ever since, but in Commiefornia, we are limited to the Roster of Approved pistols and revolvers, EXCEPT private party transfers.

    Finally scored another one, a nearly mint early production with the blue frame and rounded trigger guard, instead of the later matte finish with the front hook on the trigger guard. Earlier guns were better finished and had better reputation than the late production ones. Got it in the original green plastic box with cleaning rod, two magazines, manual, and original plastic bag. Also came with an extra set of NIW wood grips, and three extra recoil buffers. I wanted it for a retired LEO EDC gun. I even still had some mags from the first one I had in the 1990s.

    While I generally carry Glocks or S&W 9mms, since I have had a 1911 most of the time since the mid 70s, the manual or arms will be no stranger to me.

    Took the Star PD to the range today to check function with hollow points. Fired about 60+ rounds of assorted Hollow Points (Remington 185 Golden Saber, Speer 200 grain JHP, and 230 grain assorted HPs. Function was 100% with both factory 6 round and 7 round Promag magazines. Even though the 185 grain bonded Golden Sabers give about 950 fps (370 ft lbs), from the Star PD's 4" barrel, they were the more pleasant rounds to shoot. The 230s tended to bight more in the web of the hand. I did not shoot any +P from the Star. With good standard velocity rounds that open to .75" to 1.0", the added velocity and abuse isn't necessary. In combat, even 230 grain FMJs have proved effective.

    I did 26 rounds rapid fire - about one round a second- (3x8 rounds) and easily kept them all in a 6" bullseye at 7 yards.
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    Awesome gun! The right carry piece, had one for that purpose many years - shot little and carried a lot.

    Use the innards of 1911 magazines to change 6 shot to 7 shot. IIRC cut two coils off the 1911 spring and use the 1911 follower. Store the PD follower and spring.

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    For similar reasons I carry the Colt Defender in 45. It retains it's grip safety, which I prefer on 1911's, and the 7rd magazine does not protrude from the bottom.

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