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Thread: O3-A3 front sight A marked

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    O3-A3 front sight A marked

    My O3-A3 hits about 12 inches high at 135 yards with a front sight marked A . Is there a front sight that would drop the point of impact and a source for one . Thanks

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    I can't do the math but there are other heights. See this at CMPicon Forums

    After thinking a bit, you have the tallest without an aftermarket part (is there one?). Use the rear sight to change the sight picture. Maybe use 6 oclock hold? Where is your point of aim? If dead center, then aim lower, at what's know as 6 oclock, bottom of the target.

    Is the rear sight at it's lowest point, all the way forward? (if I remember correctly)

    Are you adjusting your rear sight for elevation? See this

    Last, is the ammunition correct for use in the 19O3A3?
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