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Thread: Very nice Inglis ww2 mk I star browning high power

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    Very nice Inglis ww2 mk I star browning high power

    Very good condition ww 2 browning high power.

    Was given to one of my dad’s friend by his 82 year old neighbhour like 20 years ago so it was probably his issued sidearm.

    Bore looks good, great trigger.

    Comes with the mag.

    Not sure how much these are worth, looking for around 1299$ + shipping. Open to fair offers.

    14-B3-F4-E5-E730-4365-B2-F4-EC69797-D1-EF5 — ImgBB
    CA9-A3-BB5-7-F4-C-49-F6-9939-4-CDF85-DA8963 — ImgBB
    CB364-E15-8847-4057-99-FE-8-F924-AE7-A05-D — ImgBB
    BB1-E94-C8-C448-42-CF-9-D1-B-2-EACAF9-D0250 — ImgBB
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