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Thread: 1889 Springfield Carbine Value

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    Quote Originally Posted by butlersrangers View Post
    'Gargoyle': That appears to be a very decent model 1899 Kragicon carbine, with a lot of original finish, nice patina, and a very good bore.

    Your Krag, #353934, would have been assembled around October, 1901.
    Your video shows it has a correct model 1901 carbine rear-sight.
    The front sight-blade appears to be correct carbine height. (The blade should have a small 'C' stamped on its right side).

    Your carbine's stock, with its 1901 'cartouche', is a nice match with the (October, 1901) receiver.
    Your hand-guard is the type that was initially used with the 1901 carbine rear-sight.

    It is conceivable that your carbine still retains its original parts, (as assembled at Springfield Armory in 1901).

    IMHO - Your carbine would be valued at around $1,500.
    The model 1899 carbine does not command the prices paid for model 1896 and legitimate model 1898 carbines, which are rarer models.

    (It is my opinion that pricing guns has become a hazardous, thankless, and probably foolish task).
    We are going through a very weird era and gun values are getting very random and unstable.
    'Completed' auctions and sales, like GunBroker are a relevant barometer of values.
    Thanks so much for your input. The front sight does have the C stamp, right side blade.

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