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Thread: my new, unbroken, 1903a4 clone

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    my new, unbroken, 1903a4 clone

    What a night!
    The before and after build is in the thread "my new, broken 1903a3" with plenty of pics from start to finish.
    Attachment 121295Attachment 121294

    I didn't expect too much this first time out. I brought along 40 rounds of my "standard" 30-06 target load...Hornady 168gr BTHP over 46 grains IMR4064. I was looking to foul up the bore, start settlings metal into the wood, and get the scope on paper.

    The first 20 rounds got me on paper, warmed up the barrel, and gave a final, untidy 4 inch group at 50 yards. meh. I ran the target out to 100 yards, shot a couple 4 round groups to get things centered...they were about 4 inches. Then I shot an 8 shot string for score. Here it is!
    Attachment 121296
    The first 3 shots bounced back and forth on the target...worse than before. What could be wrong? I forgot to check the action screws after the first 20 rounds. Sure enough the action was settling...I torqued back up to where I started...40 inch*lbs front, 35 inch*lbs rear (a good starting point in general for 03's). Sure enough there was about 1/16 turn front, 1/2 turn rear. Next 3 shots printed over top of the first!...7 and 8 I think I tired too hard, and I'd be a liar if I said my first time with post reticle didn't feel awkward.

    I had 4 rounds left for the night, and just to confirm that group of 4 rounds, I gave two clicks on the windage knob, and planted 4 X's on a fresh target. I had drawn a crowd from the neighboring lanes for these last few...Now I'm very happy I left the bolt mirror polished...I could see my ear-to-ear grin in the knob. This is the first rifle I've done that was so involved - hopefully it means I did something right. This rifle is only going to get better from here on!
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