I have just obtained an 1853 slant breech Sharps carbine and would appreciate any help. It is serial number 17861 and is apparently mentioned on page 228, American Military Shoulder Arms, vol. III, as being issued to the 1st US Dragoons, Pacific Dept. about 1856. The gun is mechanically very good with a very good bore, and the stock has the usual minor damage from hanging off a saddle. It has both a 3 letter inspectors stamp and also an RHKW cartouche on the left front of the buttstock. I will post some photos if anyone is interested. I don't know of any copies of the above book in NZicon and would very much appreciate a scan of the page if possible to display with my gun. Any other relevant historical info would also be appreciated. I know it is a significant historical item as few were officially marked. It was purchased at a gun show in Montana several years ago and brought to NZ by a fellow collector.
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