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Thread: PU Scope Instructions

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    PU Scope Instructions

    Where can I find (in English please) instructions for using the Sovieticon PU scope? In particular, what is the value of the "hash marks" on the windage and elevation dials?

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    The very detailed description I had in mind seems to have vanished from the web. But all you have to do is search for "PU scope" and you will find plenty of contributions - even a YouTube video.

    The vertical divisions are, I think, 100 meter increments - if you are using the original ammo!

    What follows is a rough-and ready description from memory - corrections welcomed!

    Note that the original setup method was to center the image of the post in the field of view, ignoring the turret scales, and then adjust the vertical screws on the mounting to achieve the correct height of the POI at 100 meters. The horizontal zero was made by shimming/filing the boss on the mounting. This meant that the scope was dead on for the original scope/mounting/rifle/ammo combination. Since many Mosin Nagant snipers are no longer in their original combination, this "zero" setting may be way off, giving you the choice of either working on the mounting or leaving it alone and correcting with the turret screws - if the deviation is acceptable! But that means living with an off-center sight picture.

    Assuming that the 100 meter POI is acceptable, the next stage is to loosen the fixing screws on the turret scales and set the vertical scale to "1" (i.e 100 meters) and the horizontal scale to "0". Then tighten up the screws once more. Check that the POI at 100 m is reasonably central in the field of view.

    Ideally, the post is now in the center of the field of view and the POI is good at 100m.

    If it is severely off-center, then you will have to adjust the mounting!

    Look up the video - it will probably be more helpful than my simplified description!
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    The windage graduations are in mils.

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