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Thread: How to use the "The Screening Room"

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    Exclamation How to use the "The Screening Room"

    The Screening Room Forum is designed to be an area for any MILSURPS.COM registered member, to view military surplus related videos or music, as well as in the associated sub-forum called Old Time Movie Classics, a range of vintage movies and adventure serials from the 1930's through the 1950's.

    It is a READ ONLY forum environment for creating NEW threads, however, members may REPLY to already established threads here with their personal comments.

    If you have a collection of appropriate videos or music that you'd like to display for other members to view, but don't have the hosting facility to do so, please read Item #2 under the Collector Comments and Feedback section of the thread titled How do I get my article, collectible firearm or accessory published in the Library? (click here).

    The video won't play—what's wrong?

    To the best of our ability, we have tested playing these old movies on Apple computers running OSX, as well as Windows based PC's running Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome. We've also tested playing them from Apple iPhones and iPads.

    However, with so many different combinations of computers and Internet browsers available, plus the huge variation in optional add-on plugins a user can enable on his personal web browser, there's bound to be members who have difficulty playing some of the video content provided on our site.

    Most movies start playing in about 5 seconds or less, but at some times of the day there may be heavy video server traffic, so it's important that once you click the PLAY button for any movie, you give it at least 15 to 20 seconds to see if it will actually start. So, please be patient before you jump to the conclusion there's a problem.

    If you are having problems playing any of the movies, check the very bottom of the video player box. If you see an optional Menu List of items that are additional titles for the movie, then try clicking on those other entries, which will force the video player to stream alternatively formatted video files from the server. In many cases, these differently formatted video files will solve you issue and play properly on your computer.

    If there's no list of other video files to choose from, or none of the options work, then we'd ask you try a different Internet browser to see if the issue is only related to the web browser you use. If you still have the same problem with other web browsers, then please send an email to indicating which movie you are trying to watch, what type of computer you have and its operating system, plus what Internet browser you're attempting to use. We apologize for the inconvenience and we'll try to help you out if we can.

    Here are some other possible problems:

    - There is heavy traffic to the server on the site which hosts the videos. If you experience a delay, please try again later or at a different time of day.
    - You're behind a firewall and the firewall software is attempting to modify incoming bits. Contact your network or firewall administrator.
    - Your Internet connection went down or timed out. Check with your ISP or network administrator to see if there's a special policy about keeping a connection live.
    - Some conflict exists between your computer's configuration and the video player used video server.

    Sometimes when I play a movie, the video is choppy or very pixelated. Why is that?

    Sometimes choppiness occurs when the video server can't stream it to you quickly enough (because your connection is slow or our servers are overloaded).
    Finally, some members might click on a movie thread to watch and get a message that says The content of this specific thread is only available for viewing by our Contributing Members.

    Although the Military Surplus Collectors Forums are FREE to everyone interested in our chosen hobby, Contributing Members are a special group of people who have graciously chosen to voluntarily donate a nominal amount of money, to help us defray several thousand dollars in annual system bandwidth, server, disk storage and monthly maintenance costs needed to operate the site, which includes the additional costs of handling these unique and special movies.

    More than 90% of our on-line streaming movies and videos are available for unlimited viewing by our free Registered Member group, however, there is a small percentage that are not available on any public servers, where the large costs of streaming them are borne elsewhere. These special movies are unique and often not available publicly anywhere. All of them need to be hosted directly by us, plus the additional costs of streaming them are covered by our site alone. Finally, because these movies are usually old from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, most of them have been digitally restored and audio enhanced, to improve the overall viewing experience for our Contributing Members. Those additional processing costs are also handled directly as part of our site operational overheads.

    For more information, How do I become a Contributing Member (click here)

    We hope you enjoy this addition to the Military Surplus Collectors Forums.

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