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Thread: What is the Infractions system?

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    Question What is the Infractions system?

    What is the Infractions system?

    The infraction system (also known as the yellow/red card system) allows moderators to warn members of rule breaches through private messaging/email. In extreme cases, infraction points may be given to members and if a certain number of points is reached, the member is automatically banned for one (1) month. Currently the points limit earning an automatic ban is set to 10 points.

    Different breaches carry different points, and some points expire after a specific period, while others are permanent.

    If you are given a warning or infraction points, you will also receive a PM or an email detailing the reason for the warning/points. You can also view a list of your infractions in your user profile and your UserCP area (click here). Note: other members will NOT be able to view details of specific infractions in your UserCP area however, they will see the following type of information under your user name in any post area.

    Test Post

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)

    Note: The Red or Yellow Card icon appearing on the bottom bar of our test post example, only appears on posts that have specifically generated the infraction. In other words, if an infraction is general in nature or relating to a PM, then Red or Yellow Card does not appear.

    Below is a table of infractions, the rules they relate to and the expiration period of the points associated with each infraction:

    Posted a message in a forum with content completely unrelated to forum purpose or description. (1 point - Expires in 10 days)
    Posted a message with inappropriate language. (1 point - Expires in 10 days)
    Cross posted same message in multiple forums. (1 point - Expires in 10 days)
    Posted a message within an existing thread, hijacking its original subject content. (1 point - Expires in 10 days)
    Posted a message or PM designed to cause forum disruption, or to incite or inflame anger amongst other members. (3 points - Expires Never)
    Member ignored a Moderator's request or warning to cease inappropriate activities. (3 points - Expires Never)
    Posted ads violating WTS/WTB/WTT rules, listed under 'Please Read First !' (3 points - Expires Never)
    Posted a message or PM violating web site rules (obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, anti-Semitic, discriminatory, hateful, threatening, bigoted, or otherwise violative of any laws are not permitted) (3 points - Expires Never)
    Posted a message or PM with belittling, insulting or inappropriate behavior towards other member(s). (3 points - Expires Never)
    Member launched a personal attack on a Moderator. (6 points - Expires Never)
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