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Thread: Index of Peter Laidler's on-line series of articles.......

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    Post Index of Peter Laidler's on-line series of articles.......

    Capt. Peter Laidlericon is the senior Armourer in the UKicon Military, now retired, but based as a Technical Officer at the UK Military Small Arms School. On behalf of MILSURPS.COM members, we'd like to publicly thank him for his support of this forum, as well the broader Lee Enfield collector community in general.

    Peter Laidler (Old Archived Posts)

    Barrel Manufacture & Alignment

    Breeching Up

    Butt & Wood Fitting

    Cartridge Headspace (CHS)

    Cocking Bent & Sear - Parts 1-3

    Fitting a Fore End Correctly

    Fitting Rifle Bolts - CHS and Boltheads

    FORESIGHTS and the No4 rifle

    Safety Catch and Bolt Locking

    Trigger Pull Off

    No.5 Wandering Zero (The Facts)

    (Click PIC to read and save Adobe PDF File)
    (Right Click on PIC and choose "Save Target As..." to download PDF file)

    Note: Original content provided courtesy of MILSURPS.COM member Tom "tbonesmithicon" (click here).

    Copyright ©2006 - 2011 by MILSURPS.COM
    In addition to being a trained and highly experienced military Armourer, he has authored two excellent books about the No.4(T) sniper rifles and their No.32 scopes. They are titled "An Armourer's Perspective: .303 No.4(T) Sniper Rifle", which he co-authored with Ian Skennertonicon and his own dedicated work, "Telescope Sighting No.32".

    If you're really interested in some in-depth learning about the No.4(T) sniper rifles and the No.32 series of scopes, their history, evolution, repair and adjustments for shooting, we'd highly recommend those two books, which are pictured below.

    (Click PIC to Enlarge)

    Note: The opinions expressed herein or statements made in these articles are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Military Surplus Collectors Forums, or the ownership and moderation group of this site. MILSURPS.COM accepts no legal liability or responsibility for any claims made or opinions expressed herein. Also, please note that neither the author nor MILSURPS.COM recommends that any member of these forums, or a reader of this article, try this type of experimentation without the proper knowledge, equipment and training.
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