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Thread: Restored Arisaka Type 99 (warning lots of pics)

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    Restored Arisaka Type 99 (warning lots of pics)

    Hi all,

    I have decided to do a quick thread on a Arisakaicon Type 99 I restored a bit over a year ago. It is a '0' series Nagoya that had the stock cut down, AA-sights removed, dust cover removed, and bolt cut and bent with a nice portion of the stock carved away to make room for the handle. My goal was to restore it to as close to factory condition as possible with only factory parts.

    Here is the before

    From there I had acquired another bolt body with the proper straight bolt handle. The bolt body was worn out, so I had the bolt handle cut off of it and had it installed on the bolt it originally came with.

    From there I acquired a new stock (actually a old stock, which was likely on a rifle that was stripped for parts). The stock was the proper early style so it worked with the rifle. I also acquired the barrel bands required to attach the stock (had to get the proper 3 hole bayonet lug with the proper 3 screws) and also got a temporary/permanent middle barrel band without the monopod until I can find a original with the monopod.

    Next step was acquiring a original cleaning rod (the long style) and the AA-sights. The AA-sights I got were Nagoya marked so it worked with the rifle.

    After that I got a Type 99 dust cover which is where it has been left off.

    Now the rifle as it sits at the moment

    Only thing I am missing to complete the restoration is a monopod. Overall it was quite a bit of fun restoring it. In particular searching for the parts was pretty difficult. I did end up spending quite a bit more money than I originally hoped but that's life.

    The parts that really sucked up the money were the little details like the cleaning rod, AA-sights and dust cover. Part of the reason AA-sights and Monopods are so difficult to find for these rifles is simply because people have bought Arisakas which didn't originally have these features (being manufactured after they deleted these features from production) and put them on them to 'restore them to factory condition'.

    It is a excellent shooter, bore is very good+ (biggest advantage the Type 99 has is the chromelined bores they have, kept them in great condition even when using corrosive ammo in the jungle). Sights are very neat, and I find them easier to use than standard aperture sights (I have always been a 'V' notch fan). Being almost fully set up for reloading, this rifle will be getting a fair bit more usage than it has been.
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