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Thread: 6.5 Carcano - Hornady .267 Expander Ball Question

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    6.5 Carcano - Hornady .267 Expander Ball Question

    I want to start reloading 6.5 Carcano using the Hornady .267 bullet.
    I only have an older RCBS 6.5 die set that has a .264 expander ball.
    I would like to know if the Hornady expander ball will fit on the RCBS Spindle.
    The thread is a standard 10-32. (See attached photo)
    I do not necessarily care about the de-capping pin being different.

    I would appreciate it if someone with a Hornady die set could check this out for me.
    Perhaps even supply the other thread sizes to compare with the RCBS spindle.

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