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Thread: Restoration of a .22 Short Rifle Mk II... found in a creek

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    Quote Originally Posted by browningautorifleicon View Post
    worst case you can line it.
    Last year for grins and giggles I relined two 22 rf rifles. Both bores were a real mess. I suspect that in these cases they had been used to fire corrosive ammo and then left in the barn for at least 50 years. Bought the liners and drills from Brownells. Followed their instructions and epoxied them in. Both rifles shoot fine, and look good. Would recommend you do it. It is fun. The only thing I did differently than instructed was to bore using a drill press, not a hand drill. Found that the new drill tended to dig in when using a hand drill. The instructions indicated you should dull it a bit when this happens. I don't like dull things, so I switched to the drill press and had no problems.
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    Sorry Louis, my post had - apart from the usual typos - a factual error. The last sentence should read:

    "This will drive out some hard rust from the grooves, saving save you hours of work with the bronze brush, and also produce a v. slight burnishing* effect that will let the bullets slide through the bore without being ripped up.

    *not honing - no metal is being removed.

    Once more, I seriously recommend that you try this method. You can't fill up rust pits, but you can blunt the edges so that they don't tear up lead bullets. I have shot some real horrors quite successfully, and reckon that if the pit is soft-edged and small (compared with the bullet length) then a properly lubricated bullet will just slide over the depression - like it does over the gas vent in a Garandicon, for example.

    BTW, have you checked the muzzle crowning? Touching up the crown to have a bright line all the way around can produce significant improvement. No "counterboring", just enough to see the rifling profile at the muzzle.

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