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Thread: Ammo Comparasion

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    Ammo Comparasion

    Ammunition Question
    I saw a post somewhere asking about the comparative accuracy of 30-06 M1icon Ball vs M2 Ball. I do not remember when or where
    I do not know of any tests the U S army performed to compare the accuracy of the M1 vs M2 Ball ammo.
    The best information that I have appeared in an article entitled The .30 Caliber Cartridge in Match Competition, by B.R. Lewis which appeared in the American Rifleman for September 1967. He includes a table which shows the characteristics of all .30 caliber Nation Match Ammo from 1903 through 1966.

    For many years with a few exceptions, the ordnance department conducted tests for commercial ammo and also loaded Match Ammo for the Nationals. After 1915 all NM ammo was loaded and provided by the ordnance department. In 1928, No NM ammo was loaded and standard M1 Ball was used because funding was not available. It was deemed unsatisfactory, so special NM ammo was loaded from 1919 through, and again from 1929 through 1930 . After 1929 selected lots of M1 Ball was issued through 1940. When the Nationals were resumed in 1954 through 1956, selected lots of the most accurate M2 Ball was issued. This proved to be unsatisfactory and NM ammo was prepared for the 1957 National and continued through the 1966 National at which time the Army withdrew support of the N. Matches.

    The accuracy of M1 Ball issued varied from a mean radius at 600 yard of 2.74 to 3.81 inches. The ammo was also tested at 1000 yards but the 1000 yard stage of the NM Course was deleted for the 1954 and subsequent Matches.(Probably because the unmodified ,selected M1 rifle and M2 Ball was a lost cause at 1000 yards.- My opinion.). After the War selected lots of M2 Ball were used for the Nationals. The selected M2 Ball for the years 1954-56 had a MR of from 3.6-4.7 inches After 1956 it was felt that no remaining ammo in stock was satisfactory and match ammo was developed for the 1957 Matches.
    The big advantage M1 Ball had over M2 Ball was the higher ballistic coefficient. This meant effect of the wind at longer ranges.
    For a period after WWII , the USMC used M2AP for long range as it had a better BC than M2Ball but that was short in supply and reserved for future combat needs.

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