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Thread: Swiss Rifles at Hamburg Cabelas Plus Krags

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    Swiss Rifles at Hamburg Cabelas Plus Krags

    Not sure what is going on with this and not sure anyone would be interested considering the prices but Cabelas in Hamburg has a rack full of Swissicon Rifles.

    Three K31's at about $550, three K11's at about $650, two 1889's at about $650. They also have two Krags, one at $650 and the other at $750 which were the only two that seemed to be priced reasonably to me. Condition on the Swiss was typical for heavy use, K31's were birch. Condition on the Kragicon's seemed OK. One had a unit mark on the stock but neither had cartouches anywhere so they've been sanded at some point but neither looked as if it had been bubba'd. I didn't bother checking bores as too much of a hastle unless actually interested in buying which I was not. This was the first time I've seen K11's priced higher than K31's.

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