Putting my 91/30 up here to see whats out there.

All matching numbers (with the exception of the bayonet) 91/30 Mosin Nagant. I'm 99% sure the stock was refinished as its a light color and laminated. Very clean and beautiful rifle. Bore looks nice, I've only ever shot 45-55 rounds of PPU out of it and it held up accuracy wise pretty well.. Only thing I replaced was the upper follower spring in the magazine.

Comes with a 1950s(?) sling, bayo, spare magazine parts and a few Amazon stripper clips. PPU ammo MAYBE if I keep it around for a while longer. Will send pictures on request. Attach an email to you PM and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Cash:$450 obo
Trades: Whatever you got! Shoot me a trade offer and the worst I can say is no.

Interested in:
Germanicon Mausers
WWII milsurp
WWII collectibles

Can still buy these all day for $325 at the gun shows, not sure what this guy is smoking.