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Thread: $30 Estate Sale Martini.... Odd Markings

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    $30 Estate Sale Martini.... Odd Markings


    I picked up a Martini for $30 from an estate sale this past weekend, after looking up the markings I can say only a few really match up and it appears that it is missing a lot of markings that others have.
    The rifle is sadly pretty rusty and I am hesitant to clean it up.

    I can tell that the rifle appears to be a Mk.3.


    Right side of receiver (top to bottom):
    V o R
    Small Crown arrow pointing down

    Left side of receiver (top to bottom):
    Small Crown arrow pointing down
    Small Crown arrow pointing down
    V o R

    Top of Barrel:

    Right Side of Barrel:
    X-ish style mark

    Left Side of Barrel (top to bottom):
    Small Crown arrow pointing down
    Small Crown arrow pointing down
    V o R

    Sight Left Side (top to bottom):
    E mirrored

    Sight Right Side (top to bottom):
    H I think?
    E I think?

    Lever (trigger to stock):
    Small Crown arrow pointing down
    Square with a + in the center I think?
    22 upside down

    Two identical circular stamps
    ENFIELD 1878 outer ring
    Small Crown arrow pointing down and V o R inner ring

    Any help identifying what this is would be a great help and thank you in advance!!!

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    dxves, What a find-- $30! Are you familiar with the electrolysis method of rust removal? This looks like a prime candidate for using it. There are several threads on this forum on how to proceed. Use the search in the upper right corner to find (v bulletin search). Salt flat
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    Also check out the british militaria forums. The cover martinis and varients, at length. Check out "Anvil" videos on youtube. The gunsmith deals with rust in a couple vids by rust bluing, the old fashioned way.

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    That rear-sight leaf tells you everything! You have a Khyber Pass gem. (Not Britishicon Made)!

    For $30 you have a great conversation piece.

    It is Decorator Only/Never To Be Fired, but, fascinating as can be. Go easy on the cleaning, the patina will be part of its charm.

    I would recommend #0000 steel wool saturated with mineral spirits followed by Hoppe's #9 on the metal. Go lightly and know when to stop.

    Rub down wood with cotton rags damp with 50/50 mix of linseed oilicon and turpentine. Finish with rubs of Howard's "Feed & Wax".

    Just go for stabilization and character.
    You have an interesting handmade fake of a British Military Arm.

    (Dispose of rags properly to avoid spontaneous combustion).
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