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Thread: Where and when was this Type 99 made?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jangle View Post
    Your rifle was made at the Toriimatsu factory of Nagoya Army Arsenal. It is an 11th series and was made in 1945.
    So this rifle is most likely a "last ditch" or transition to "last ditch" rifle? I am always uncertain where the early-1945 rifles land in the "last ditch' discussions. Mine is also an 11th series (in terrific shape with all matching numbers, #684XX, defaced mum) and has all of the "last ditch" features but still has the sling swivel on the stock.

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    The term "Last Ditch" is a phrase coined by US collectors over the years to identify with the late Type 99 rifles where the deletion of parts through the production period included:

    front sight guards
    cleaning rod
    pinned bayonet lug instead of screwed on
    shortened handguard
    rear peep sight
    cylindrical bolt handle
    wooden butt plate
    And in some series, the elimination of machining of dust cover grooves in the receiver, sling swivels, hole drilled through stock for rope sling and the just overall lack of finishing the metal and wood.

    The Japaneseicon used the term "Substitute Standard" in '43 when the Arsenals started making changes in first eliminating the mono-pod, chrome lined bores, sliding dust covers and Anti-Aircraft wings on the rear sights. They used Substitute Standard the entire war for the standard type 99 rifles, no matter what late features evolved to.
    There were other manufactured 99 designs by the Navy and small rifle makers which did have markings applied to the receiver tops that translate to "Special", "Special Type 99" and "Emergency", that were made very late in the war.

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